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Our Curriculum

At St Matthew's our curriculum is designed to build upon prior learning, improve communication skills, promote creativity, broaden knowledge and prepare pupils for life beyond school. We embrace our diversity as individuals and celebrate our unity as a caring, Christian community. 

Our Curriculum Drivers have been carefully chosen to meet the needs of our pupils. The diversity of our intake, coupled with high mobility and a significant level of speech and language need, has steered the process of curriculum development. We have ensured that the curriculum remains broad and balanced, whilst providing intervention and support for those children that need it. 


Our Curriculum Drivers are...




Knowledge of the World


Recently we also focused on 'Diversity in the Curriculum'. We make every effort to ensure that the content we deliver reflects our multicultural intake and is a reflection of wider society.


To find out more about our curriculum, please see specific subject information on this website or speak to the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher.


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